About Us

Trinity Home Care non-medical senior care services in Wyandotte, Michigan are becoming a preferred affordable alternative to nursing homes. Michigan home care services are often used in conjunction with home health care and assisted living services to provide a higher quality standard of living. Contact our Wyandotte office to learn more about Non-Medical Home Care Services, Skilled Care, and other Home Care options for older adults, people with disabilities, and others with a long term care need.

Our affordable senior care fees are designed so that Caregivers can be paid competitive wages, permitting our Michigan home care offices to attract the best qualified individuals as Caregivers in Wayne County and the surrounding communities.

Our Services

Trinity Home Care is a non-medical home care company serving Wayne County, Michigan. Trinity Home Care is a Christian based company and our goal is to provide the best care possible at an affordable rate. Our Caregivers provide in-home care services including personal care, homemaking, companionship, and other home care services.

Trinity Home Care

The benefits of In-Home Care

When a senior or elderly family member becomes ill, or is no longer able to manage the responsibilities of daily living, life changes for everyone involved. As a result, more families every day are choosing in-home care services that support their goal of having their loved one’s remain at home for many important reasons. 

In Home Care for your Loved Ones

What is In Home Care?

We define the services provided by caregivers that allow seniors and those in need to continue living at home in comfort as – in-home care.